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Tips & Tricks   |   9-23-15

Fall Favorites

Fall is officially upon us and with that a new floral season blooms. Though we may not have as many beautiful "fall" flowers in South Florida as you can get in the rest of the country, there are still a handful of ways to highlight fall styling in your decor and bring in a change of seasons of sorts. Many flowers available year round are available in fall colors such as roses, varieties of mums and orchids.
We love to use varied foliage and blooms to create texture in our lush arrangements and fall is the perfect season to bring in some of those unique blooms. Flowers like celosia, dahlias, calla lilies and cymbidium orchids can be found in a range of reds, mangos, and plums traditional to deep seasonal hues. Including interesting foliage like viburnum berries, solidago, fiddle head ferns, succulents and even small artichokes not only create dimension but add an unexpected pop to arrangements. Another option is to weave small branches throughout your arrangements with willow or trailing ivy. We even love the look of driftwood with dark fall colors.
When it comes to fall styling consider unique and unexpected containers. Copper and rose gold are a stunning look hitting the wedding world right now. Earthy touches like bark or traditional ceramic urns are another beautiful option.
Without a doubt one of our favorite fall looks is the combination of deep colors in a modern form. Think deep reds and vibrant plums or bright oranges paired with purples and greens. These looks evoke a feeling of warmth without screaming "fall" and allow you to take your decor in a number of directions.