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Tips & Tricks   |   7-17-15

Definition: Modern

As you start to plan your wedding one of the first questions that arises is: "what style wedding will you have?" The names classic, traditional, modern, contemporary, garden, get tossed around all the time - but what does that really mean in the world of weddings? 
Often times, we have clients who come into our office that think they want modern and contemporary, but when we get down to the nitty gritty of designing the look of their event they discover that they are actually much more traditional than expected. 
So what does a modern wedding really look like? What does it mean to have a contemporary arrangement? Modern and contemporary can really be used interchangeably in the world of wedding flowers but we can look into the world of interior design to help answer that question!
"Modern" in the design world often refers to clean, unadorned décor with natural materials. Think Mid Century Modern with sleek silvers and woods and an airy feeling. A lot of these decors are neutral in color. The same can be said for flowers. A Modern floral style may manifest itself into monochromatic flowers in a beautiful silver container or it may translate into minimal flowers paired with dramatic pieces of wood and natural green foliage. 
Another way to consider defining the look, is that modern design is always forward thinking and innovative. This allows designers to create new looks and exciting styles.  
When we are referring to interior design, "contemporary" means things that are current or living in the same time. In other words - something that is popular right now. This can often be translated into a look that encompasses pieces of design styles that are continually popular and interspersed with new ideas. Some examples of this would be the Art Deco or Bauhaus movements, which are still popping up in ways today.
Either way you cut it a modern look is often clean, sleek and airy. These high style arrangements are the perfect looks for someone who likes a touch of adventure in their décor. Below, check out a few more of our favorite modern style arrangements.
Around the Shop   |   3-20-14

First Day of Spring

It's officially the first day of spring and these stunners arrived just on time! We just love a warehouse full of colorful blooms!
And a sneak peak of our creative team at work...
Around the Shop   |   6-7-13

Spring has Sprung

We have made it through wedding season and survived to see the other side. This year has been busy for us with a big move to a bigger space and a booked event calendar. The rainy days of summer are upon us and we are aching to back step to spring when the gorgeous blooms were plenty. We had so many great flowers coming through our shop these past few months we just had to share.