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Event Showcase   |   6-24-15

To Have and to Hold

A bride carries it around with for a whole day; it's photographed from every angle; sometimes it can be preserved for years to come. It is arguably the most important detail of the entire wedding day. What are we talking about? The bridal bouquet of course! Bridal bouquets are one of the most personal elements of a brides' big day and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They can help set the tone of the entire wedding decor and are often sentimental in nature, wrapped in family heirlooms or holding meaningful blooms. At Parrish Designs they are our favorite pieces to create so we're honoring the blooms and gathering up some of the most memorable hand tied bouquets we've created!
Nothing beats a classic, all white bridal bouquet. No matter the shade of your dress: ivory, cream, diamond white; this stunner screams bridal beauty and perfectly compliments any look. We love this simple bouquet of lush white peonies, a go to wedding flower. We contrasted these big headed flowers with bright green stems and smaller peony buds for texture.
If our brides want a natural, textural bouquet we just love including feathers. This simple green and white hydrangea and ranunculus bouquet is complimented with tan guinea feathers. The natural speckling adds interest and a soft element to the neutral palette.
When brides have a unique decor scheme we carry the look all the way through the ceremony. This hand tied bouquet has a slight pear shape cascade feature constructed with fuchsia Gloriosa lilies. Gloriosa lilies are a rarely used bloom but one of our favorites and we just love how they add a unique look to this floral combination. For movement and flow in the bouquet we built a base of xerographica air plants and small green succulents.
Sometimes bigger isn't better and nothing beats a sweet nosegay. This stunner is a hand tied cluster of lily of the valley, a very fragrant and very delicate blooms. This is one of our all time favorite bouquets and is just so elegant and simple.
No matter the style or look we can create a one of a kind bouquet to match our clients' dreams. Let the bouquet be your show stopper and steal the decor!