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Tips & Tricks   |   8-27-15

Above and Beyond

If you've followed the work of Parrish Designs for any amount of time then you know that we love to make over the top statement pieces in our decor. And if you've been following our work closely, you know that statement often manifests itself into unique and beautiful decor treatments on the ceiling. Whether your event is in a ballroom, garden or out in the open air, adding decor above can pull together a look of a space and create that "WOW" moment. We've rounded up our favorite decor inspirations and are sharing the ways you can add a unique look above your tables.
1. Lanterns 
Lanterns are a popular item in weddings and social events as they can offer not only unique style depending on your look, but also add light to your event creating a much desired ambience. They are prominent as aisle decor and centerpieces but our favorite look is hanging from the ceiling! No matter the style: paper, wicker, metal, they look great clustered over a dance floor or in a gazebo. Often coming in a range of colors you can really pull together a color palette for your event as well.
2. Parasols 
Similar to lanterns, paper parasols come in a range of colors. We love the look of these suspended upside down over centerpieces or over a dance floor. The versatility of the parasols allow you to hang detail florals from the bottom and they can also be lit from within.
3. Lighting 
If you're looking to add a romantic touch to your event, additional lighting is the perfect answer. Italian string lights are a great option that offer a soft glow and a vintage touch. They even look fantastic indoors! Another beautiful lighting option is a crystal chandelier. Suspended with orchids, or soft satin ribbon chandeliers are the perfect accent over a head table, inside a chuppa or clustered over a dance floor.
If you're looking for a more modern touch with your lighting, votive candles in glass create endless opportunities. The modern style, glass orbs below can be linked together to create lighting "chains" ideal to be strung in gazebos, over bars or from place card structures. If you want to go bigger, we love the look of dramatic crystal strands (which look stunning combined with orchid garlands) hung in custom oversized chandeliers.
4. Foliage and Flowers 
Last but not least, we love the natural look of greens and florals. Let your creativity run wild! From simple greenery wreaths to oversized orchid chandeliers, bringing flowers to the ceiling truly carries the look of an event all the way throughout the space. Floral chandeliers are our favorite design details to create and they just look spectacular hanging over dance floors and reception spaces.
The beautiful images above are just more evidence that ceiling structures can truly create that WOW moment for your event. Your guests will be talking about the decor for years to come! Versatile and dramatic, the sky is the limit when it comes to adorning your wedding space with lanterns, greens, chandliers and more!
Tips & Tricks   |   7-23-15

The Meaning of it All

When it comes to wedding planning, flowers have become a standard element in wedding decor. It is easy to forget how they came to be and why we include them at all. Wedding flowers are in fact steeped in rich tradition and have a long history over the years.
Perhaps one of the most important floral elements of the big day is the bridal bouquet which arose from a variety of origins. Originally, the bouquet carried was a bundle of herbs, greens, spices or even garlic! In Ancient Rome brides carried these bouquets to symbolize fertility and fidelity and to ward off evil spirits. In Greece, the ivy and greens symbolized enduring love. In Tudor England the bouquet included marigolds and other florals that were dipped in rosewater and later eaten by the bride and groom (many thought they were an aphrodisiac).
The traditional herb and spice bouquet was eventually replaced with flowers when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, carrying a beautiful bouquet of blooms. Holding on to some tradition, her bouquet also included the rosewater marigolds. Some things never change!
In the spirit of spirits, bridesmaids were originally viewed as identical duplicates of the bride: veil, bouquet and dress, as a way of tricking evil spirits from attacking the bride. Though the dresses may not be the same as the bride, the matching tradition is still very prominent and bridesmaids continue to carry beautiful floral bouquets in weddings today.
One of the cutest elements of weddings is without a doubt the flower girl. The inclusion of the flower girl in the wedding ceremony is another long standing tradition with multiple origins. In Ancient Rome, similar to the bride, flower girls carried bushels of wheat and herbs as a symbol of prosperity and fertility and in Medieval ceremonies the bushels displayed as herbs and garlic, again to ward of those pesky spirits. Eventually the herbs and spices disappeared and blooming flowers arose in the form of floral hoops and scattered petals. Floral hoops symbolized a never ending love and scattered petals symbolized a path to happiness for the married couple. 
Another interesting aspect of the flower girl is the abundance of children in the ceremonies of royal weddings. We often see an entire attendant party of flower girls and it is often thought that the children are a symbol of the transformation of the bride from childhood into adulthood as she joins a life with her partner.
Last but not least, a still popular floral tradition in modern weddings is the bouquet toss. In the victorian ages brides tossed their bouquet to their friends for safe keeping against spirits. The woman that caught the bouquet was said to have safety and luck which ultimately lead into a life with a happy marriage.
While we don't have to worry about evil spirits today, the inclusion of flowers in a wedding remains a prominent aspect of modern day ceremonies. Flowers, in every shape and size add beauty and elegance to the lifelong union of two individuals and we say the more the merrier!
Tips & Tricks   |   7-17-15

Definition: Modern

As you start to plan your wedding one of the first questions that arises is: "what style wedding will you have?" The names classic, traditional, modern, contemporary, garden, get tossed around all the time - but what does that really mean in the world of weddings? 
Often times, we have clients who come into our office that think they want modern and contemporary, but when we get down to the nitty gritty of designing the look of their event they discover that they are actually much more traditional than expected. 
So what does a modern wedding really look like? What does it mean to have a contemporary arrangement? Modern and contemporary can really be used interchangeably in the world of wedding flowers but we can look into the world of interior design to help answer that question!
"Modern" in the design world often refers to clean, unadorned décor with natural materials. Think Mid Century Modern with sleek silvers and woods and an airy feeling. A lot of these decors are neutral in color. The same can be said for flowers. A Modern floral style may manifest itself into monochromatic flowers in a beautiful silver container or it may translate into minimal flowers paired with dramatic pieces of wood and natural green foliage. 
Another way to consider defining the look, is that modern design is always forward thinking and innovative. This allows designers to create new looks and exciting styles.  
When we are referring to interior design, "contemporary" means things that are current or living in the same time. In other words - something that is popular right now. This can often be translated into a look that encompasses pieces of design styles that are continually popular and interspersed with new ideas. Some examples of this would be the Art Deco or Bauhaus movements, which are still popping up in ways today.
Either way you cut it a modern look is often clean, sleek and airy. These high style arrangements are the perfect looks for someone who likes a touch of adventure in their décor. Below, check out a few more of our favorite modern style arrangements.