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Event Showcase   |   7-8-15

Perfect Spot to Say I Do

Chuppahs. Mandaps. Gazebos. Pergolas. matter what the name, the four-sided structure has become a centerpiece of wedding ceremonies across the board. A Chuppah is literally a "canopy" or "covering" and traditionally originates with Jewish ceremonies. These days, couples of all backgrounds are adopting the structure into their own services to anchor the ceremony for the bride and groom. Traditionally they are adorned by a cloth ceiling or canopy but are also prominent in open-air varieties. We absolutely love creating these beautiful ceremony structures and today are showcasing a few of our favorites from past events.
This simple structure was created with sheer fabric drapes that flowed in the sea breeze and accents of natural driftwood. It was the perfect compliment to the beautiful view!
We love creating garden style structures like this chuppah. We mixed white and lavender flowers, garlands of greenery and delicate willow branches entwined throughout.
Another structure combining wood and florals - this piece featured vibrant orchids and roses and simple hanging orbs with votive candles.
Cherry blossoms are always a wedding favorite. This chuppah played double duty as a feature to the cake during the reception. We accented the base of the cherry with piles of rose petals.
When the look of the wedding is more organic, a wood chuppah is the perfect solution! For this bayside ceremony we covered the entire structure in grape wood and driftwood with touches of orchids throughout.
There is nothing quite as romantic as a beautiful fabric chuppa. This all white piece was accented by a lush combination of pink, blush and ivory roses along the top with clusters of the same at the tiebacks on the legs. Simple and stately!
Returning to the garden look this chuppa never gets old! We used an iron peak top structure to create the perfect focal point over this ceremony. Adorning the lush garden foliage is hydrangea, roses and willow in asymmetrical, natural pattern to give the illusion of a "growing" garden. 
When it comes to orchids you can never have too many, as evidenced by this beautiful seaside structure covered in white phaleonpsis orchids. The ceremony was held during sunrise to create an even more beautiful backdrop!
This wood and green structure was a perfect combination of whimsical and classic with pale blush and white florals amid twisting vines and greenery.
Last but not least is one of the most recent events we've done. This oversized Mandap was a showstopper of dripping orchid garlands and crawling foliage of babies' breath and greens. It was over the top and stunning!
No matter your wedding style you cannot go wrong with a beautiful gazebo or Chuppah over your ceremony. Wood, fabric, and foliage - it all combines to create the perfect backdrop to say I Do! Which one is your favorite?