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Tips & Tricks   |   9-23-15

Fall Favorites

Fall is officially upon us and with that a new floral season blooms. Though we may not have as many beautiful "fall" flowers in South Florida as you can get in the rest of the country, there are still a handful of ways to highlight fall styling in your decor and bring in a change of seasons of sorts. Many flowers available year round are available in fall colors such as roses, varieties of mums and orchids.
We love to use varied foliage and blooms to create texture in our lush arrangements and fall is the perfect season to bring in some of those unique blooms. Flowers like celosia, dahlias, calla lilies and cymbidium orchids can be found in a range of reds, mangos, and plums traditional to deep seasonal hues. Including interesting foliage like viburnum berries, solidago, fiddle head ferns, succulents and even small artichokes not only create dimension but add an unexpected pop to arrangements. Another option is to weave small branches throughout your arrangements with willow or trailing ivy. We even love the look of driftwood with dark fall colors.
When it comes to fall styling consider unique and unexpected containers. Copper and rose gold are a stunning look hitting the wedding world right now. Earthy touches like bark or traditional ceramic urns are another beautiful option.
Without a doubt one of our favorite fall looks is the combination of deep colors in a modern form. Think deep reds and vibrant plums or bright oranges paired with purples and greens. These looks evoke a feeling of warmth without screaming "fall" and allow you to take your decor in a number of directions.
Tips & Tricks   |   8-27-15

Above and Beyond

If you've followed the work of Parrish Designs for any amount of time then you know that we love to make over the top statement pieces in our decor. And if you've been following our work closely, you know that statement often manifests itself into unique and beautiful decor treatments on the ceiling. Whether your event is in a ballroom, garden or out in the open air, adding decor above can pull together a look of a space and create that "WOW" moment. We've rounded up our favorite decor inspirations and are sharing the ways you can add a unique look above your tables.
1. Lanterns 
Lanterns are a popular item in weddings and social events as they can offer not only unique style depending on your look, but also add light to your event creating a much desired ambience. They are prominent as aisle decor and centerpieces but our favorite look is hanging from the ceiling! No matter the style: paper, wicker, metal, they look great clustered over a dance floor or in a gazebo. Often coming in a range of colors you can really pull together a color palette for your event as well.
2. Parasols 
Similar to lanterns, paper parasols come in a range of colors. We love the look of these suspended upside down over centerpieces or over a dance floor. The versatility of the parasols allow you to hang detail florals from the bottom and they can also be lit from within.
3. Lighting 
If you're looking to add a romantic touch to your event, additional lighting is the perfect answer. Italian string lights are a great option that offer a soft glow and a vintage touch. They even look fantastic indoors! Another beautiful lighting option is a crystal chandelier. Suspended with orchids, or soft satin ribbon chandeliers are the perfect accent over a head table, inside a chuppa or clustered over a dance floor.
If you're looking for a more modern touch with your lighting, votive candles in glass create endless opportunities. The modern style, glass orbs below can be linked together to create lighting "chains" ideal to be strung in gazebos, over bars or from place card structures. If you want to go bigger, we love the look of dramatic crystal strands (which look stunning combined with orchid garlands) hung in custom oversized chandeliers.
4. Foliage and Flowers 
Last but not least, we love the natural look of greens and florals. Let your creativity run wild! From simple greenery wreaths to oversized orchid chandeliers, bringing flowers to the ceiling truly carries the look of an event all the way throughout the space. Floral chandeliers are our favorite design details to create and they just look spectacular hanging over dance floors and reception spaces.
The beautiful images above are just more evidence that ceiling structures can truly create that WOW moment for your event. Your guests will be talking about the decor for years to come! Versatile and dramatic, the sky is the limit when it comes to adorning your wedding space with lanterns, greens, chandliers and more!