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Tips & Tricks   |   8-27-15

Above and Beyond

If you've followed the work of Parrish Designs for any amount of time then you know that we love to make over the top statement pieces in our decor. And if you've been following our work closely, you know that statement often manifests itself into unique and beautiful decor treatments on the ceiling. Whether your event is in a ballroom, garden or out in the open air, adding decor above can pull together a look of a space and create that "WOW" moment. We've rounded up our favorite decor inspirations and are sharing the ways you can add a unique look above your tables.
1. Lanterns 
Lanterns are a popular item in weddings and social events as they can offer not only unique style depending on your look, but also add light to your event creating a much desired ambience. They are prominent as aisle decor and centerpieces but our favorite look is hanging from the ceiling! No matter the style: paper, wicker, metal, they look great clustered over a dance floor or in a gazebo. Often coming in a range of colors you can really pull together a color palette for your event as well.
2. Parasols 
Similar to lanterns, paper parasols come in a range of colors. We love the look of these suspended upside down over centerpieces or over a dance floor. The versatility of the parasols allow you to hang detail florals from the bottom and they can also be lit from within.
3. Lighting 
If you're looking to add a romantic touch to your event, additional lighting is the perfect answer. Italian string lights are a great option that offer a soft glow and a vintage touch. They even look fantastic indoors! Another beautiful lighting option is a crystal chandelier. Suspended with orchids, or soft satin ribbon chandeliers are the perfect accent over a head table, inside a chuppa or clustered over a dance floor.
If you're looking for a more modern touch with your lighting, votive candles in glass create endless opportunities. The modern style, glass orbs below can be linked together to create lighting "chains" ideal to be strung in gazebos, over bars or from place card structures. If you want to go bigger, we love the look of dramatic crystal strands (which look stunning combined with orchid garlands) hung in custom oversized chandeliers.
4. Foliage and Flowers 
Last but not least, we love the natural look of greens and florals. Let your creativity run wild! From simple greenery wreaths to oversized orchid chandeliers, bringing flowers to the ceiling truly carries the look of an event all the way throughout the space. Floral chandeliers are our favorite design details to create and they just look spectacular hanging over dance floors and reception spaces.
The beautiful images above are just more evidence that ceiling structures can truly create that WOW moment for your event. Your guests will be talking about the decor for years to come! Versatile and dramatic, the sky is the limit when it comes to adorning your wedding space with lanterns, greens, chandliers and more!
Event Showcase   |   7-30-15

A Modern Twist on a Traditional Ceremony

One of the highlights of working in the wedding industry is getting to experience all of the beautiful ceremonies from cultures across the globe. When we get the opportunity to combine multiple cultures into one event, it takes the cake! Working with Cymbidium Events we had the opportunity to design not one, but two lavish ceremonies for a loving couple in Coral Gables.  
We started the day off with a traditional Catholic service at the Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral followed by a luncheon at the same venue. To add drama to the all ready beautiful sanctuary our team created oversized babies' breath garlands that draped and swagged across the pews on either side of the aisle
For the luncheon decor we focused on a color palette of soft yellow and white with a beautiful daisy overlay on a yellow satin underlay. The place card table showcased drift woood and delicate paper butterflies.
The evening portion of the celebrations were held at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables Fl. Our crew designed an over the top Mandap for a stunning Indian Ceremony. The oversized Mandap featured dripping orchid garlands and clusters of babies breath with a sparkling crystal chandelier hung from the center.
Guests arrived to the ceremony location to be greeted by a beautiful garden arch and more babies breath garlands running down the aisle.
As part of the Indian tradition, the bride walks down the aisle concealed from the groom. In order to achieve this our designers constructed oversized hedges at the rear of the ceremony space and along the mandap, which were later removed by members of the bridal party. 
We continued the over the top decor into the cocktail hour, constructing two large manzanita trees adorned with dripping orchid garlands and vibrant purple vanda orchids on the place card table. Isn't this color combination just stunning!
Continuing the drama our designers went all out inside the large ballroom for dinner. Adorning the columns along the length of the ballroom were wreaths of luscious greens and more dripping orchid garlands. Over the dance floor hung an oversized babies' breath and orchid chandelier as LED lights sparkled below.
Each table was decorated with flickering candlelight in glass cylinders with reflective mirror table tops on all the tables and featured florals of soft white hydrangea, white phaleonopsis orchids and white cymbidium orchids..
Another focal piece of the evening was this enormous dessert display table with lush greenery, ferns and orchids as well as additional display stands covered in babies' breath and moss. The cake truly stood out as the centerpiece of the display.
This day was a remarkable experience to remember with beautiful florals at every turn!  
We had a blast planning the decor with the bride and her family. What was your favorite detail of the day?
Event Showcase   |   7-1-15

Wonderful Waterfall

Last week we talked about our favorite hand tied, or round bouquets. This week, it's all about the cascade bridal bouquet. By definition a cascade is "a heavy, uncontrolled outpouring; something thought to resemble a waterfall." These bouquets do just that - they waterfall out from the hand as you hold them. Cascade bridal bouquets were popular in the 80's and 90's and were characterized by very long shapes, often filled with greenery and ivy. Some may think of these styles and consider cascade bouquets to be "dated," but they are truly classic and timeless. Modern style cascade bouquets are beautiful, often smaller, more teardrop in shape and can compliment any gown.  
Below are some of our favorites cascade bouquets we've created for our brides. We love using orchids to get that dripping, waterfall effect and let these stems be the standout bloom of our bouquets.
A true modern take on a classic cascade, we love this all white orchid stunner. We used phaleonopsis orchids in a slight teardrop which creates a great simple statement.
Similarly, this all pink bouquet keeps things simple and classic with a bright pop from the phaleonpsis and vanda orchids. Both bouquets are a true, cascade with no frills!
Sometimes, the classic shape of the cascade calls for a little punch, as with this two toned bouquet which mixes both the pink vandas and the white phaleonopsis orchids.
For this cascade we used the classic white phaleonopsis orchids with just a touch of tropical greens for dimension and pop. This was a great compliment to the tropical style of the wedding without being over the top.
To create more of a garden style cascade bouquet we love mixing orchid blooms with lush peonies and full garden roses. This particular bouquet was perfect for a southern photoshoot amongst the horses, complimenting soft pinks with the stark whites.
Similarly, this small teardrop cascade fits in beautifully with the garden style bridesmaids bouquets and features just a touch of tropical pop in the looped thai leaves and personalized lace bow.
Offering the best of both worlds, we mixed bright pink garden roses and ruscus foliage with the the tropical phaleonopsis orchids for this beautiful beach wedding bridal bouquet.
Last but not least we love this truly modern take of the cascade bouquet. We created this pageant/cascade style bouquet with bright purple vanda orchids, purple phaleonopsis orchids, thai leaves, tropical greens and ruscus. It created a fun and vibrant collection that paired perfectly with the customized fascinator the bride wore with her veil!
No matter your bridal style, a cascade bouquet could be for you! They are classic and feminine and really showcase the blooms in a graceful manner.
Event Showcase   |   6-24-15

To Have and to Hold

A bride carries it around with for a whole day; it's photographed from every angle; sometimes it can be preserved for years to come. It is arguably the most important detail of the entire wedding day. What are we talking about? The bridal bouquet of course! Bridal bouquets are one of the most personal elements of a brides' big day and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They can help set the tone of the entire wedding decor and are often sentimental in nature, wrapped in family heirlooms or holding meaningful blooms. At Parrish Designs they are our favorite pieces to create so we're honoring the blooms and gathering up some of the most memorable hand tied bouquets we've created!
Nothing beats a classic, all white bridal bouquet. No matter the shade of your dress: ivory, cream, diamond white; this stunner screams bridal beauty and perfectly compliments any look. We love this simple bouquet of lush white peonies, a go to wedding flower. We contrasted these big headed flowers with bright green stems and smaller peony buds for texture.
If our brides want a natural, textural bouquet we just love including feathers. This simple green and white hydrangea and ranunculus bouquet is complimented with tan guinea feathers. The natural speckling adds interest and a soft element to the neutral palette.
When brides have a unique decor scheme we carry the look all the way through the ceremony. This hand tied bouquet has a slight pear shape cascade feature constructed with fuchsia Gloriosa lilies. Gloriosa lilies are a rarely used bloom but one of our favorites and we just love how they add a unique look to this floral combination. For movement and flow in the bouquet we built a base of xerographica air plants and small green succulents.
Sometimes bigger isn't better and nothing beats a sweet nosegay. This stunner is a hand tied cluster of lily of the valley, a very fragrant and very delicate blooms. This is one of our all time favorite bouquets and is just so elegant and simple.
No matter the style or look we can create a one of a kind bouquet to match our clients' dreams. Let the bouquet be your show stopper and steal the decor!